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Not a “prepper”… just prepared.

We’re getting for another wet weekend with a chance of hurricane down here in South Louisiana. And I spent my afternoon driving around town gathering water and canned food and batteries.

Growing up, I never worried about how we would manage through a storm. One, because I was a kid and it wasn’t my job to worry. But two, I always knew my dad had it covered. For the great terror that was Y2K, he had stocked enough canned food and water to last us through to Mardi Gras. You know, just in case computers, society, the internet, and every financial institution collapsed at midnight.

Now, every hurricane season, he double checks his cases of fresh water, gallons of gasoline, piles of chopped wood, and cans of red bean. He does it right. Stays stocked all year long. Rotates out his supplies. Keeps the water clean and the gasoline fresh. It’s impressive, and a little obsessive, but if you needed it, you would be glad he was there, ready to go.

I would joke in college, back when I was young and invincible, that the only preparation I did during hurricane season, was making sure I had at least half a tank of gas to get me home. Dad would take care of the rest.

Whenever I explain that to people, they call him a survivalist or a doomsday prepper. And, I guess technically, he may check off a few of the same boxes. But he knows he’ll be able to take care of himself and his family and even a few of the neighbors, when the next hurricane comes. And there is always a next hurricane. So I don’t see how it’s a bad thing.

Now that I have a house and my own small family… ok pets mostly if I’m being honest… I know I have to put more effort into my own hurricane preparations. It all comes down to me if the power goes, if the food is dwindling, if the water turns sour.

And it brings out the doomsday prepper in me. Every time.

Blend my love of post-apocalyptic survivalist fiction, with a yearly threat of hurricanes, and you get the perfect storm of over planning and green bean stockpiling. Add in a dash of learning from a father that has his shit on lock, and you find yourself feeling confident in your ability to ride out the end of the world in comfort.

Even if this time, it’s just a bit of rain.