#The100DayProject – Sketching Plants

#The100DayProject – Sketching Plants

After seeing instagram friends of mine participate in #the100dayproject, I decided this year to jump on the bandwagon and work on my sketching. The challenge runs from April 3rd to July 11th.

I chose to focus on “plant sketching” for a few reasons: I perceive it as a week spot in my sketching ability, and they add so much depth and energy to a scene, I want to be able to do them justice. 

If you’ve never heard of #the100dayproject, it’s simple, make art (though I’ve had friends practice writing and meditating) for 100 days and post it on instagram with the tags #the100dayproject, and a tag you make up that is unique to your challenge. I’m using the tag #elisketches100days for mine.

I want to focus on drawing plants realistically. Even when doing abstract sketching, you have to use a basic framework, and I believe knowing and understanding the framework only comes from drawing realistically first. It’s like how knowing the basic proportions and joints of the human body can help us draw a belivable person, even if the style is abstract. 

favorite Sketches (so far):