Little Eli is Dead. Long Live Eli Makes Things.

Little Eli is Dead. Long Live Eli Makes Things.

Basically, I woke up one morning in 2018 and decided that I’m not doing jewelry anymore. After launching an Etsy shop in 2013, and becoming an LLC in 2016, one January morning in 2018, I decided that I just didn’t feel like it anymore.

It’s crazy, but also reassuring, how things change.

I’m writing this to address the questions that I assume are coming. And to address the feeling I’m having. And any possible confusion, on your part or on mine.

I think a little of backstory is going to be important for this… As I was reviewing 2017, to start planning for 2018, I uncovered a few truths about myself.

TRUTH ONE. I am good at doing things once. Whether it’s taking an exam for my professional career, or building a new brand around an idea for a blog I had, or spending one month making something new every day. Doing things, no matter the size, just once, is easy for me. The flip side of that is, that doing things, no matter the size, consistently, is incredibly difficult. Studying daily for that exam, writing consistently for that new blog, making something new every month. That’s the stuff that trips me up.

TRUTH TWO. When I look 3-5 years down the road, I want to be traveling more. I want to live with less, and spend more time exploring the country. Jewelry, in the early draft of that goal, was going to be the vehicle in which I could afford to travel. The progression looked like this. Make jewelry > grown jewelry business to support yourself > take jewelry on the road > live in an RV while you traverse the country. But after talking with my boss at work, I learned that I wouldn’t need to quit to travel like I wanted to. So now I didn’t need jewelry to support my travels. And being realistic with myself, I didn’t need to wait to take a year off, I could start sooner, with something smaller like a van rather than an rv, and go on long weekend trips instead of taking months and months off work. Making that goal more attainable, made me reevaluate everything else I was holding to be true.

TRUTH THREE. I want the freedom to evolve. I wanted to grow, to learn, to experience more this year, and every year after. I like putting my head down and getting things done, but I also love changing my mind. I love reinventing myself. I love adding things to myself. I love the thought of becoming more. I spent 2017 wanting to do more, but having to do jewelry instead. This year, I don’t want to hold back.

When I laid out all that I wanted to do in 2018. Get in shape, read more, travel more, draw more, drink rum, get licensed, further my career, get married. All of that conflicted with the time and effort I would have to spend on jewelry. If I had to keep up the business, if I had to release new jewelry every month, if I had to attend an art market every other month, if I had to take product photos and stage photo shoots, if I had to post to instagram and write newsletters. I was left with “had to” conflicting with “want to”. I had to only look back at myself, and my motto, to know what I needed to do.

I do what I want.

You can borrow that by the way. And if you ever want my advice on anything, it will almost always be that.

Ok, so now we are up to speed on my thought process behind this seemingly huge switch, going from a jewelry designer to a lifestyle blogger. Going from someone with one purpose, to someone who finally embraces and all her passions.

I spent less than a week talking it over with my friend before deciding to just make the switch. I decided to fully embrace my instagram handle and be more than just jewelry.

What you see now is a more word-friendly site. Something more focused on the blog side, rather than the shop side. The jewelry will still be there and the shop will still be open, but I don’t know when I will be making any more jewelry.

Right now I’m letting myself drift from hobby to hobby. I don’t have a posting schedule or any real plans.

I’m doing what I want, and you are invited to come along.